Thursday, April 22, 2010


Write a short essay introducing yourself and put it on your blog. Your essay must be more than 150 words. Post your essay by Tuesday evening (27 April).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First class

Here is what we need to do today:

  • Collect copies of passports
  • Fill out homestay application forms
  • Take pictures
  • Make blogs (Room 1441)

Assignments for next week

  • Write a draft of the letter to your homestay family. Post your draft of your blog by Tuesday evening, 13 April. I will give you corrections that you can copy in class on the following Thursday.
  • Hand in completed homestay application forms


  • Depart 5 August, Return 31 August
  • 6月10日にグリーンキャンパスによる説明会(保険、クレジットカード、スーツケースレンタル等)
  • I hope to give you a complete schedule next week


  • Attendance is VERY important
  • If you cannot come to class, e-mail me